Shooting Range Turning Into A Landfill?

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A rainbow of shotgun shells blankets the ground and this is only the beginning of it. Broken glass, empty boxes and even a pillow are scattered across the Rampart Range Road Shooting Range.

It’s a beautiful view until it's tainted by the trash left behind from shooters. Trash is waist deep in some places and the U.S. Forest Service says the range is turning into a landfill. “That pretty much takes out the beauty of it,” Prosper Biauce, a tourist said.

The litter has been an ongoing issue since the range opened up 16 years ago. Because of that, there are questions about its future. "We need to move toward a more managed facility, with that comes established hours and a possible fee to use the facility," Frank Landis, U.S. Forest Service said. He also said that shutting the range down would be a last resort.

There will be volunteers cleaning up the range on Saturday, April 29th from 9am until 2pm. Volunteers are wanted.