Air Traffic Arrest

A former air traffic controller is expected to appear in a federal courtroom in Salt Lake City today, following his arrest last night behind a Wal-Mart in Orem, Utah.

54 year old Robert Burke was wanted on a federal arrest warrant in connection with three explosions outside Grand Junction homes March 24th.

Authorities disarmed bombs at two other homes.

A man saying he was Burke's friend called The Daily Sentinel yesterday, asking a reporter to meet him at noon in Provo (Utah).

But Managing Editor Dennis Herzog says staffers believed the caller was actually Burke himself, and told authorities of the plans.

Burke is accused of placing bombs at the homes of Serco Group employees, and a Federal Aviation Administration worker.

No one was hurt.

Serco is a British firm that operates air traffic control towers, including the one at Walker Field Airport in Grand Junction.

The company fired Burke two years ago.