Ice Palace Inn Essay Contest

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The owners of the Ice Palace Inn are selling it for only $230. But, there is a catch. In order to own the bed and breakfast, prospective buyers have to write an essay explaining why they want it.

The Ice Palace Inn was built in Leadville back in 1899. It's valued at more than $400,000. But owners Giles and Kami Kolakowski are asking just $230, plus the essay. They say they got the idea for their unconventional method to sell the inn when people expressed interest in owning it, but didn't have the money for a down payment or the mortgage.

The Kolakowskis have put their offer on Ebay and they hope to sell quickly so they are free to move.

If you're interested in applying to own the Ice Palace Inn you must submit your essay by April 15. You can find more information on the contest by logging onto their website: