Internet Funerals

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The Montgomery and Steward Funeral Home in Pueblo is the only one in Colorado that broadcasts funerals over the Internet. It allows family members to "be at" the funeral, without having to travel to actually be at the funeral.

Some people who have used the Internet funeral service say it made them feel like they were right there, able to grieve with their family members.

A digital camera films the service. It is then downloaded into a computer and uploaded to a web server. In less than an hour, the memorial service is online.

There are also additional services available. For example, if a family wants to have a church service, Montgomery and Steward offers a portable camera to go on location.

So far, about 50 families have used the service, and funeral director Gerry Montgomery says the response has been positive.

The cost for broadcasting a funeral on the Internet is about $75 to the family, but it's free to the user.