Hazmat Scare at Mitchell High School

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Hazmat crews say a potential ticking time bomb in Mitchell High School.

After a yearly inspection, Hazmat found what could have been dangerous chemicals. They found sodium and potassium and the chemicals had been in the school for some time.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department prepared for a worse case scenario Wednesday afternoon, taking extra precautions in case of an explosion or a fire. The main concern was the 500 grams of sodium that more than 20 years old. It hadn't been properly maintained recently. The 100 grams of potassium was more than a dozen years old. "The condition of the chemical has deteriorated, expired, and deoxidized," Kay Yeager with Hazmat said.

Hazmat experts say this situation is risky. "We isolated the room, there was caution tape around it and no was allowed to enter." After a two hour clean up, the bomb squad drove off with the chemicals to take care of them safely.

Hazmat goes to every high school in the city every year including public and private, so they can stay on top of situations like this. D11 says parents have no reason to worry about sending their kids to school.