Recruits Train at Fort Carson

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El Paso County Sheriff’s Office trainers take their recruits to Fort Carson for a real-life training exercise.

Recruits spent Wednesday in the Fort Carson Iraqi Village. They went through 10 scenarios that as deputies they will have to deal with often. Scenarios include domestic violence, a suicidal man, a 911 hang up call, and a burglary in progress.

“With this area we have more realistic training,” said Detective Chuck Knoll.

Each recruit went through the scenarios, then got feedback from observers. Each recruit also had to fill out a complete report on each scenario, like deputies fill out after returning from a call.

“They’re learning how to communicate with each other, how to respond to a call, slow down and look at the objective, reason everything out,” said Det. Kull.

This is the first time the Sheriff’s Office recruits used the facility at Fort Carson.