Standoff Suspect Caught

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Early Wednesday morning Fountain Police responded to 110 Yearling Court for the second time in a day. Police found Kent Roby in the crawl space of his ex-girlfriend's home.

Fountain Police had been looking for Roby since he caused a standoff with authorities Tuesday afternoon. According to police, Wednesday morning the ex-girlfriend heard noised in her home and called 911. Police and SWAT responded. He was located in the crawl space of the home, but refused to come out. Police removed some drywall and a vent to reach the suspect. Authorities say they had to use pepper spray and a Taser to take Roby into custody.

This second incident comes after a standoff with police Tuesday afternoon. Police say Roby allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend at her home on Yearling Court Tuesday afternoon. According to Fountain Police, the woman escaped and called them, but not before Roby gave her a warning.

"She said he (Roby) had armed himself with a knife and spread some flammable liquids around the house," said Fountain Police Chief Charles Crawford, "He threatened to ignite the house if the police arrived"

Police surrounded the house for more than 3 hours hoping Roby would come out. In the meantime local schools went on temporary lockdown. Police eventually swept the house and found no sign of Roby inside. He escaped Tuesday afternoon from police, only to be taken into custody Wednesday morning.