Twist of Fate Saves Woman's Life

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In the small town of Penrose, Steve Darrow visits the post office everyday making deliveries for work. Dianne Widener just so happened to be a postal worker there and the two would often chit chat.

Steve mentioned to Diane that his wife Yvonne was sick and needed a kidney. But neither of them ever guessed their small talk would turn into a big miracle at the post office. Dianne says she just had a feeling that she should get tested to see if her kidney would be a match for Yvonne.

"My doctor mentioned to me, I would have better chances at winning Powerball than matching her," Widener said. As luck would have it, doctors say these two ladies were a fit.

Yvonne could've waited on the donor list for 4 years, but thanks to a small twist of fate, Dianne will give her the gift of life. “She’s just an angel from heaven,” Yvonne Darrow said.

These two ladies say they no longer believe in coincidences. They believe in something bigger.
"I think it's a miracle. I think God is telling me, he's there,” Darrow said. “I know that things happen for a reason. We came into each other's lives for a purpose," Widener said.

The surgery is happening next week on Good Friday in Denver.

Darrow's medical expenses will be through the roof. If you would like to help out, you can make a donation to Fremont National Bank in Penrose, care of Yvonne Darrow.