Meth Lab Found in Stolen Van

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An El Paso County Sheriff Detective finds what authorities believe to be a methamphetamine lab in the van pursued during a high-speed chase Monday night. Local law enforcement spent Tuesday afternoon processing the chemicals.

The driver led authorities on the chase Monday night. It started on Highway 24 west of Manitou Springs. It ended near Fillmore Street and Templeton Gap Road. Authorities were not able to catch the suspect driving the van, after he fled on foot.

Authorities say, they found all the chemicals needed to make the drug, in a wooden box in the back of the van. In fact authorities say the suspect may have been getting ready to cook more meth.

"Some of the process had even started towards breaking down the Sudafed... and other chemicals into methamphetamine," said Lt. Clif Northam with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say the chase began when a deputy saw the van driving slowly on Highway 24. Lt. Northam says the deputy ran the license plate and found the van stolen out of Los Angeles.

"I think it reached speeds of up to 85 miles an hour at one point, trying to run other vehicles off the road, create a distraction," said Lt. Northam.

Lt. Northam says it ended when Colorado State Patrol used stop sticks to pop the tires of the van. The suspect did get away.

"Unsure where he went, how he hid, or whether or not he got into someone else's vehicle and fled away," said Lt. Northam.

Now investigators hope hair and receipts found in the van will lead them to the suspect. Lt. Northam says the suspect was wearing a black jacket and jeans. He says the suspect is white with blond curly hair. If you have any information call Crimestoppers- 634-stop in Colorado Springs or 542-Stop in Pueblo.