Teller County Fires

Courtesy: Andy Poland/Highlands Ranch
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A fire in Woodland Park destroyed one home, and burned 3 acres of the Pike National Forest, which lies behind the house.
Firefighters say weather played a key factor. Winds were up to 30 miles an hour and it was dry out, the relative humidity was around ten percent, making it prime conditions for a wildfire.
The family who lives in the house made it out okay, but their home is completely burned to the ground. No one was hurt. The cause of the fire is under investigation.
Neighbors say they were worried how quickly it spread and Sunday's fire brought back awful memories. "After the Hayman Fire, when we see smoke, we get scared," Woodland resident Debi Boucher said. The neighbors are trying to help out the family who lost their home, by collecting clothes and food for the parents and 2 children, ages 8 and 13.

Meanwhile, a fire in Fern Creek, also in Teller County, scorched 2 acres. Investigators are looking into what started the fire. Firefighters say the fire season usually starts in June, but it looks like it is getting an early start and this year, it could be bad season for wildfires.