Documents Show Woman Shot 27 Times

Murder Investigation
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A probable cause affidavit released by Pueblo Police says the man who confessed to killing his girlfriend Friday, shot her 27 times.
The affidavit by Pueblo Police Detective Marc Bravo shows that in the wee hours of March 31, 33-year-old Charles Wilkinson called his mother and told her he was going to Hell, because he'd just killed his girlfriend, 25-year-old Jennifer Behling.
Detectives say when they found Behling at the couple's Pueblo home, she appeared to have been shot 27 times while sitting on the toilet.
The affidavit goes on to say Wilkinson then went to his mother's house in Monument. While there, it says his mother talked him out of suicide, saying it was the only sin God would not forgive.
Both Wilkinson and his mother then called a priest who was also a police chaplain, and Wilkinson confessed again. The priest then accompanied Wilkinson to the Colorado Springs Police Department where he was arrested.
Police say Wilkinson told them voluntarily that his girlfriend had been cheating on him on the Internet.
Wilkinson's mother told detectives while her son was working as a contractor in Iraq, he'd been sending Behling his paychecks and asked her to care for his finances. She said when Wilkinson returned, he found his bank account empty.
The report says before Friday, Wilkinson had a history of violent behavior including third-degree assault and harassment for domestic violence, kidnapping and false imprisonment.