Child Car Seat Safety

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If you have young kids, this will probably shock you. Police say 9 out of 10 parents don't have their child car seat properly installed. That could mean the difference between life or death.

Nicole Schulz is at the police headquarters, getting her car seats checked out. She’s also getting a reality check. Schulz is among the majority of parents whose car seats just don’t cut it. “The harness clip needs to be right at the nipple level, right at the armpits,” Colorado Springs Police Officer Paul Meeks said. That harness (child seatbelt) should be fairly tight, tighter than you would probably think, leaving only enough room for you to fit one finger between the harness and your child’s body. Meeks said, "When infant in car seat, best practice, only one piece of clothing."

While most of us think we've this seems simple, Officer Meeks says he's never seen a perfectly installed car seat and every little detail is what counts. "If a car seat handed to you from someone else, or you purchase it from a garage sale, don’t use it. It’s better to get a new one off of shelf."

Schulz says she learned a lot…lessons that could save her baby if she's ever in an accident. "I really think there should be a mandatory course."

If a parent severely violates the law, they'll get a ticket. It's no points on the license, but the fine goes all the way up to $500 and it includes a mandatory court appearance.

If you're interested in getting your child seats checked out for free, contact Officer Paul Meeks at 444-7969.