Don't Open Your Door To Strangers

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Next time someone knocks on your door, police say think twice before opening it.

That advice comes after a recent rash of home invasions, and now, crooks are going door to door and robbing their victims right in front of their eyes. Police say be wary of who's at your front door, no matter what time of day it is. And, people like David Nadle know that first hand.

Around 11 o’clock Wednesday morning, he says two men sweet-talked their way into his home on the pretense of selling magazine subscriptions. One disappeared to use the bathroom. When the two men finally 20 minutes later, Nadle noticed about $90 was missing out of his wallet. "They did the same thing to my neighbor, lost 47 dollars," Nadle said.

Colorado Springs Police say it's just another cheap scam for crooks to get your money and potentially scout out your house for future reference. "If I'm at home by myself, I would never allow multiple people into my home; you’re just inviting situation to occur," Detective Eric Anderson said.

It's a lesson Nadle learned the hard way. He says, he'll never open his door to strangers again.
"I can't afford to lost 90 bucks, it really ticks me off."

Police emphasize that you aren't obligated to open your door. But, if you do let a stranger into your house, have your phone in your hand, just in case something happens.