Are You Ready to Evacuate?

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If you had to evacuate your house in just a few hours, would you remember to take everything you needed?

It's a question few want to ask themselves, but with extreme fire danger on the horizon, emergency officials are urging people to do just that. According to the Pueblo County Department of Emergency Management, the time for home owners to prepare an emergency evacuation kit is now. They say extra clothes, food, important records and prescription drugs should all be included.

Experts say you should also take inventory of the possessions you would leave behind in case of an evacuation. To make the process easier, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association ( offers a free download to help document everything in your house.

"Its a great idea," says John Zanotelli of American Family Insurance, "because you can document pictures, download receipts and it keeps it all in one storage area for you."

Speaking of insurance, Zanotelli says now is also a good time to check on your policy. He says you should ask your agent if you have replacement cost on your personal property, which would guarantee its original, not depreciated value. Of course fire officials say the most important thing to rescue in case of fire is you, your family and pets, things that cannot be replaced.