Seniors: Beware of Scams

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Telephone and internet fraud is a growing problem in southern Colorado, and the experts say seniors are often a soft target for scams. Colorado Attorney General John Suthers tells me today's seniors were raised in an age of trust, but they should be aware that fraud is a 50 billion dollar a year problem in this country.

Suthers visited Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo today.
Informing seniors of how to avoid fraud and be smart consumers.
He said you should never carry social security and insurance cards with you, and to never give personal information over the phone or internet.

He also said never let anyone push you into making a donation. "People call you on the phone, say 'send it to me in the mail.' So that you can take the time to figure out if it's a charity you want to contribute to or not. You can check the better business bureau, things like that. Don't be rushed," said Suthers.

Another piece of advice: Don't be afraid to hang up the phone. That takes away the scammers opportunity to exploit you.