Elizabeth Smart Found

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Nine months after vanishing from her bedroom, 15-year-old Elizabeth Smart is back in her Salt Lake City home.

Elizabeth was returned home about Wednesday night in an unmarked
police van. She did not speak to reporters as she rushed inside the

Relatives said Elizabeth was in good condition and had talked
with police about her ordeal.

She was found alive in a Salt Lake City suburb with a drifter
who had once done work at the family's home. A woman was also with
the two.

Authorities said Elizabeth, the drifter known as Emmanuel and the woman were all wearing wigs when they were stopped
along a street in suburban Sandy.

Relatives of the drifter say his real name is Brian Mitchell.

They've described him as a self-appointed prophet for the
homeless who lived in nearby mountains.

Meantime, there are sounds and signs of joy in Elizabeth Smart's neighborhood.

The streets have been jammed with cars and well-wishers, and
decorations include balloons and blue ribbons.

One neighbor says she had given up hope Smart would be found
alive. She thought news reports the 15-year-old was found alive
today were pranks.

Some neighbors carried signs with messages such as ``Welcome
Back Elizabeth.''