German Consulate Watching Lamberth Case

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Jereme Lamberth could face the death penalty, if convicted of First Degree Murder. This possibility is, in part, why the German Consulate's office is watching his case. Germany has no death penalty punishment.

Consul Lars Leymann said any German in a foreign jail has the right to basic services, no matter what the crime. He stated, "Humanitarian aid, protective assistance, and basic legal assistance," are some of those services.

Lamberth's family confirms Lamberth was born in Germany. His mother is German, but his father is American. Lamberth's attorney says he's a German citizen, but a judge at a deportation hearing in 2004 said Lamberth was a U.S. Citizen.

Either way, the Consulate's office plans to continue to monitor the case. In similar cases, even the U.S. Secretary of State has been contacted by the German counterpart to keep a death penalty sentence from being carried out.

It could be months before the District Attorney's office decides if it will seek the death penalty. Those representing the D.A. have mentioned the possibility in court.