Documents Include Confession of Accused Cop Killer

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Accused cop killer Jereme Lamberth confesses he did it, according to newly released court documents. Lamberth faces first degree murder for allegedly gunning down Detective Jared Jensen on February 22nd.

The documents say during Lamberth's interview with investigators, he did admit to shooting a man twice. But, it didn't discuss whether or not he knew Jensen was a police officer.

According to the documents, Lamberth waived his right to remain silent and told police what happened that fateful day. Lamberth said while he was at the bus stop, an individual, referring to Detective Jensen, grabbed a hold of his arm and said to go with him.

Lamberth said while Jensen was holding his arm, he "drew out a 44 caliber revolver and shot the individual once...trying to shoot his arm." He goes onto say after Jensen fell to the ground, "he waited one to two seconds and then fired a second round at the individual."

Lamberth quote "did not want anymore problems from this individual." He then allegedly ran from the scene. Police say during the interview, Lamberth "made no statements that he was aware this individual who had confronted him was a Colorado Springs Police Officer."

Police say Detective Jensen died from a gunshot in the head and in the neck. The district attorney's office says they are considering seeking the death penalty.

Now, this case could get a little complicated. Lamberth's attorneys say he was born in Germany. So now, the German Consulate is now taking up this case. They'll be making sure Lamberth is treated fairly in jail and gets a fair trial. The consulate told 11 News Tuesday afternoon that if Lamberth is convicted and sentenced to death, an ambassador from the German Embassy will contact the governor and ask for lesser punishment. Germany doesn't believe in the death penalty.