Accused Cop Killer Back In Court

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Accused cop killer Jereme Lamberth was back in court Monday afternoon. He faces first degree murder for allegedly gunning down Detective Jared Jensen on February 22nd.

For the past month, Lamberth's lawyers argued he's being treated unfairly in jail. But, sheriff's deputies say, he's getting the treatment he deserves. At Monday’s hearing, a judge resolved the issue.

Lamberth’s attorneys say when they meet with their client in jail, he is in full restraints. That means his feet are shackled and his wrists are handcuffed to a chain around his stomach.

The chief of the jail says Lamberth poses a threat to the guards and others around him because of the severity of charges against him. Lamberth faces more than a dozen counts in two separate cases, including first degree murder for slain officer Jared Jensen and attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his sister.

The jail chief also says that when Lamberth was behind bars in the past, he was involved in fights and an assault. After nearly two hours of testimony, the judge sided with the jail, keeping Lamberth in shackles when he's out of his cell.

Lamberth will be back in court in May to set a date for a preliminary hearing. The district attorney's office is considering seeking the death penalty, but it could be months before making that decision.