A Special Trip to Wheel of Fortune

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Wheel of Fortune is one Southern Colorado girl's favorite half-hour of TV. Meagan Reid has severe disabilities, but she keeps clapping as the wheel keeps spinning.

There aren't many things that get such an animated response from Meagan. She claps, yells out letters and watching the show intently.

"Its better than I expected it to be. She's loving it," said Amy Reid, Meagan’s mother.

Amy says because of Meagan's disabilities, she can't even explain to the family why she loves the show so much. But it’s obvious, she does.

"Oh ya, she knows Wheel of Fortune is on. I'm having to cover her mouth sometimes, when she's want to yell out a letter," said Reid.

In fact, during commercial breaks Meagan didn't want to wait for more Wheel to come back on. When the show host, Pat Sajak heard about Meagan's love of his game show, he said he hears stories like this all the time.

"Its nice that we do that and its a nice offshoot,” said Sajak.

"I think that's wonderful. You don't know what it is, if its the wheel going around, just guessing the letters, all the puzzles, the prizes, who knows what it is, but I'm glad its touching so many lives," said the show’s other host Vanna White.

Amy says this show truly does touch Meagan and because of that she will always have the memory of this treasured mother-daughter day.

"It means a lot, it means more than the Wish trip she received, The Make a Wish Foundation, this out does that, and that was a Disney World trip," said Amy Reid.