Water Restrictions May Be Lifted

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Your lawn could be greener than ever this summer, but you may have to pay a higher rate. Colorado Springs Utilities says they probably won't recommend water restrictions this year. They say snow pack is at or above normal for the mountains where we get our water.

But just because they're recommending restrictions be lifted, doesn't mean they will be. Whether or not you have to limit your lawn watering is a decision now in the hands of the city council. And representative Tom Gallagher tells me they don't know enough about the mountain snow pack to make that call. "Unfortunately at this point in time, we just don't know," said Gallagher. They hope to find out more on Friday when some council members personally take a look at snow pack upstream of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Utilities says snow pack is above normal along the continental divide where we get our water, and reservoirs are 12 percent higher than last year at this time. That's why water restrictions may not be needed. "Our supply situation has improved tremendously and customers have conserved over the past four years," said Anna Seder, Water Conservation Supervisor for Colorado Springs Utilities.

Even so, utilities officials urge more conservation. "We're in a semi-arid climate. We're highly dependent on the snow pack and the stream flows from the mountains," said Seder. In fact, those who don't conserve may face higher rates. Colorado Springs is looking into setting rates based on usage. Springs Utilities met with city council today to discuss these block rate changes. They'll vote on it in a formal city council meeting tomorrow.