Moose Attack

A 92-year-old man is in critical condition after he was attacked by a moose.

Louis Heckert of Grand Lake was walking to church yesterday when the animal attacked him.

He is currently hospitalized at a Denver hospital.

Division of Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton tells the Associated Press that the assault by the five-to-six-year-old moose appears to be unprovoked.

Wildlife officials shot and killed the moose, and is being tested for chronic wasting disease.

Hampton says the moose, who could have weighed up to 800 pounds, was found with five broken ribs, a punctured chest cavity, and a damaged spine.

He says the injuries appear to have occurred before the attack.

Hampton says the injuries could have made the moose aggressive.

A woman suffered minor injuries from a moose in the same area about two weeks ago.

Hampton says the moose ran out from the bushes and knocked the woman over after one of her dogs ran ahead of her and started barking.