Bombs in Grand Junction Resemble Device Exploded in Tennessee

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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms says explosive devices detonated at the homes of aviation industry employees in Grand Junction resemble a device that exploded at the same company's headquarters.

Kenny Spann of the ATF says the device was detonated on the roof of the Serco management office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on February 1st.

In Grand Junction, three devices went off Friday and two others were disarmed at homes of Serco and FAA employees. No one was hurt in either city.

An arrest warrant is out for 54-year-old Robert L. Burke, who was fired from Serco two years ago as an air traffic controller in Grand Junction.

Spann says Burke, who worked for Serco for ten years, also uses the name Robert Pope.

Burke also worked for Serco at Salinas, California, and Mesa and Flagstaff, Arizona.

All 56 towers operated by Serco have increased their security.