New Details In Undimmed Circle Fire

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In a story you’ll only see on KKTV 11 News…
New shocking details come out on a fire that killed three children, three years ago this month in Colorado Springs.

Their father, Timothy Nicholls, was arrested last July for their murders and for setting the house on fire. That house was located on undimmed circle.

The district attorney's office released evidence Friday afternoon, saying Nicholls and his wife planned on killing their kids.

Timothy Nicholls was taken into court this afternoon for a preliminary hearing to decide whether or not he should face a new count: conspiracy to commit first degree murder. During the hearing, where cameras are not allowed, the district attorney's office showed a video. on that DVD, Nicholls’ jail cellmate says Nicholls confided in him all that happened the night of march 7th, 2003.

The cellmate says Timothy Nicholls and his wife, Deborah, intentionally set the fire and wanted their 3 young children to die, so they could collect the insurance money to pay off drug debt. The cellmate says Nicholls confessed in detail, saying the furniture in the living room was doused with Goof-off, an industrial strength cleaner. He adds, the couple let the children sit on the couch, so they could absorb the highly flammable substance.

The cellmate says Nicholls told him, ater the children went to bed, he knocked over a burning candle and let the house go up in flames. The cellmate says Nicholls said he could hear his oldest, 11 year old Jay, crying when the house became engulfed with black smoke.

The cellmate went onto explain that Nicholls had never talked about what happened that night with anyone else. Nicholls also told this cellmate that he and his wife had planned this a year before it happened.

At the end of the preliminary hearing, the judge added conspiracy to commit murder to Nicholls charges. He already faces several counts of murder, child abuse resulting in death and arson.