A Special Trip to See Wheel of Fortune

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This weekend Wheel of fortune is taping in Denver and a local nine-year-old girl with severe disabilities will be in the audience. Meagan Reid is a huge fan of the Wheel.

Life for Meagan has been a battle. But, there's a half an hour a day her mom knows she loves.

"When Wheel is on she sits up, she watches it. She watches everything they do. You can tell she's watching it, not just on, entertaining her," said Meagan’s mother Amy Reid.

It’s the one show that captures Meagan's full attention, so the family times their evenings around it.

"If the news goes off and its 6 o’clock and Wheels not on, we're in trouble. Break out the tape," said Amy.

Amy even has back up tapes for days like Thursday and Friday when Wheel doesn't air.

Amy missed the 11 News contest to be in the audience. That's when she emailed 11 News asking if we could help. Just a few days ago, she got the call that two tickets would be waiting for them. Although Amy has three kids, two tickets are all she asked to have.

"I wanted to concentrate on Meagan and making it a fun time for her," said Meagan.

Meagan is missing part of her brain, and has a whole host of problems. Amy says Saturday will be a day full of memories that may out live Meagan.

"One day when she's not with us, it will be so neat to pull out the pictures of when she got to see Wheel of Fortune, and something for us to look back on and smile and remember," said Amy.

Tune in on Monday at 5:30 to see their Meagan's trip to see the show.