HOV Dummy Brings in Big Bucks

A mannequin that cost one commuter ten dollars to create for high-occupancy vehicle lane use has fetched $15,000 in an online auction.

Brian Olson, spokesman for Video Professor, says the Denver company bought Tillie yesterday, who is made from a Styrofoam head, coat hanger, and clothing stuffed with newspapers.

53-year-old Greg Allen Pringle was sentenced to put his dummy on the auction block after he used her to drive on the HOV lanes.

He ticketed on January 26 for driving in the lane that's for car pools, motorcycles, buses, and hybrid vehicles.

The money from the auction goes to Alive At 25, a driver safety awareness program.

Olson says the computer tutoring company will take Tillie to various events and later auction her off again for charity in June.