Racist Email CU

A former University of Colorado cross-country track runner has been sentenced to work four days with a jail crew and 40 hours of community service.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports that Jackie Zeigle made a plea agreement through her attorney yesterday to a misdemeanor racial intimidation charge.

A Boulder County Judge also sentenced her to an 18 month deferred sentence.

A police report says Zeigle and former CU football player Clint O'Neal, who are both white, allegedly sent a racially charged e-mail to Zeigle's Hispanic teammate, Greg Castro.

The message, which suggested O'Neal drag Castro behind his car, called the teammate a "river rat" and "border hopper."

O'Neal has denied any involvement with the message.

His trial is slated for May 16.

In December, O'Neal was suspended and Zeigle quit the sports program.