Mountain Lions in the Yard

Mountain Lion
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A Colorado Springs family spots two mountain lions in their backyard. Danny Ballenger and his wife Nina Martinez say they’ve spent the last two days watching the large predators.

"Now that they’ve been in the yard for a couple of days, it’s been pretty remarkable," said Ballenger.

The animals are fascinating, but a little scary to the family since they have a 15-month-old daughter.

"We were going to build a sandbox in the back so she could play. We're a little nervous about that now," said Ballenger.

"I worry about her being outside in the yard or when we go down to get the mail or the newspaper, is he just ready to spring on us? That's kind of scary," said Martinez.

They've been watching the cats all day, as the two come and go from a deer they’ve been feeding on.

The couple has a lot of wildlife passing through their yard, but they say not mountain lions.

Bob Davies with the Colorado Division of Wildlife says mountain lions are all over the area. He says they do sightings.

He explains mountain lions do follow prey, so he says the animals are probably following deer into the neighborhood.