Dangers Your Kids Face On-line

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Do you know everything your kid is doing on the Internet? Well, you may want to pay closer attention. One in three kids are solicited for sex on-line. Colorado Springs Police are trying to raise awareness about the dangers your child may face.

In a public meeting for parents Wednesday night, Detective Adam Romine pretends to be a 13 year old girl in a chat room. Within 20 seconds, a male in his mid 20s IM's “hi sexy”; within 2 minutes, 8 men have solicited for sex. “Kids feel safe because they are talking to him (sexual predator online) and he's not a stranger anymore, but your child doesn't know the person on the other side,” Detective Romine said.

50% of kids use the Internet everyday. Police say popular websites like MySpace and Facebook are catalogs for sexual predators to hand pick their victims and then send them an email. “They build up trust. They make you believe they’re your friend and eventually they gather enough info on you and will show up at your door and take you (the child) even if you don’t want to go,” the detective said.

This is a reality check for parents. “It's almost impossible to monitor you kids with software or firewalls. The police emphasized you need to talk with your kids about this,” concerned parent Butch Hoover said. Police say parents should educate kids about the Internet dangers and they say if you don’t think a sexual predator can get to your child, think again. 64% of children admit there are things they do on-line they wouldn't want their parents to know.

If you would like more information on how to keep your kids safe on-line, click on “As Seen On KKTV”. There, you'll find links to websites with resources you can use.