$250K Donated To Save Key Railway

Donors have committed $250,000 to help save a key railway in southern Colorado, but it could take a lot more to save the line.

The Southwest Chief Rail runs through southeast Colorado, northeast New Mexico and western Kansas. It's old and in need of repairs.

Right now the line can't accommodate an Amtrak traveling at high speeds.

Several agencies got together and donated more than $250,000 to help with the repairs, but Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace says it will take a lot more to save the entire rail.

He says they've applied for a $24.5 million grant from the federal government to save the rail in all three states.

"If we don't win the grant, we're going to have to find other alternative. Which means the state of Colorado will have to front a heck of a lot more money than what we are proposing right now," Pace says.

It could be a couple of months to find out if they receive the grant.

Repairs to the rail are expected to start in 2015. A stop in Pueblo could also be added.