Burglars Prowl During the Day

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It was four o'clock in the afternoon when Ann got home.

She said, "I wasn't here one minute when the doorbell rang... I walked over to the window, looked down, did not know this person."

The man rang the doorbell several times. Police say, he was trying to see if anyone was home.

Ann then saw him by her back porch, so she decided to leave the room where he might see her. She said, "Got up, walked out of the room, walked into the bedroom, closed the doors, picked up the phone."

She activated the silent alarm, and called her husband, who called police. In the meantime, this unknown man threw a rock through her back door, but never made it inside. The police and Ann's husband arrived within 10 minutes, but this would-be burglar was gone.

Police say, burglars target places during the day, when people aren't at home. They might ring the doorbell several times to make sure no one is there. They also like to get in and out through alleys.

Colorado Springs Police had 945 reported cases of burglaries in the first 10 weeks of 2006.

Police remind people to lock the doors and windows, and to keep that neighborhood watch active. They say, it's important for neighbors to know who belongs where, because an officer may not.