Anti-War Rally Meeting

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The two sides have met twice since the Feb. 15 peace demonstration turned violent. Monday both groups reported back city council to discuss whether police officers overreacted by throwing tear gas and using pepper spray on the crowd.

Both the Springs Police Chief, Luis Valez, and protest organizers say things could have been handled better. Members of the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission admit, they made mistakes during the protest, including, not establishing a clear end to the rally. The group admits to not setting up parameters for the event. But, they still question the action police took.

Chief Valez says the police, too, learned some lessons. Namely, they intend to handle protests very differently in the future. Some of the changes will include, using barricades, more police video taping, and even targeting certain trouble makers instead of the entire crowd.

The main point of disagreement between protesters and the police are the arrests. Chief Valez says he stands behind his officers on that issue, saying the charges against those protesters were warranted.