Possible Burglar Arrested

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Jason Fleming was taken into custody February 25th under suspicion of burglary. He's facing several charges of theft and burglary, along with drug charges.

The Sheriff's office has recovered almost 100 items they believe were taken from vehicles in the Cimarron Hills and Constitution Hills areas.

Now, the office is trying to find the owners of the stolen property.

If you had something taken out of your car and want to see the items, you can go to the Sherriff's office Evidence Facility this Wednesday, March 12th. The items will be available to view from 2:00 to 5:00pm.
The Facility is located at 301 S. Union.

If you are unable to go to look at the items at that time, you can call Deputy Steve Warden at 520-7342 to schedule an appointment to look at photographs of them.