On-line Bidding for H-O-V Dummy Reaches the Thousands

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There are a little more than four days left on an on-line auction for Tillie, the mannequin that one commuter used to drive on the high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

And bidding has become steep, with the current price at more than $4,600.

Fifty-three-year-old Greg Allen Pringle put his dummy on Ebay as part of the sentence he received for breaking the law. The money from the auction will go to the Alive At 25 program, which promotes teen driving safety.

Police ticketed Pringle on January 26th after spotting him driving in a high-occupancy vehicle lane on US Highway 36 with Tillie in the passenger's seat.

Pringle's sentence also required him to pay a 100-dollar fine and stand along side US 36, holding a sign saying "HOV lane is not for dummies."