D-11 Bond Issue

Some Colorado Springs parents in District 11 have decided to take action. They've put together a group call PCC, or positive choices for children. Their goal is to get a bond issue passed to build a new school.

Last week D-11 held a meeting at Doherty High School to discuss the overcrowding problem. The school board's short term plan to deal with the overcrowding, is to continue overflow bussing. The long term plan is to build a new school, and PCC is working to educate other parents about how to get that done.

D-11 will approve the overflow bussing plan later this week.

The bond issue to build the new elementary school failed last year, but it will be on the ballot again next year. If it passes, the new school would be built in the Wagon Trails neighboorhood. And, if passed, the new school would cost each household about $5 a month.

Positive Choices for Children will hold their next meeting on April 8th at 4:30 at Scott Elementary. Dr. Norm Ridder will be there to discuss how to prepare your children for kindergarten and how to help get a new school.

If you would like more information about PCC, visit their website, at