Renaissance Festival

The Colorado Renaissance Festival must pay the town of Larkspur about $96,000 in water tap fees.

But District Court Judge Thomas Curry refused yesterday to order the festival to pay the more than one million dollars in wastewater fees that the town originally demanded during a February trial.

The battle between Larkspur and the Renaissance Festival prompted the event's owner, Jim Paradise Senior, to consider moving the event in 2007.

He says he won't decide that until after Larkspur's municipal election in April.

Mayor Myrna Been led the charge to collect the fees and is running for a board seat.

If she's not re-elected, festival attorney T.R. Rice says the festival and town may be able to make amends.

Rice says the festival likely will appeal the ruling.

Been hasn't yet commented on the judge's ruling.

The festival filed the suit against Larkspur in 2003 after Been sent a notice to Paradise saying he owed the additional fees.

The outdoor event draws about 200,000 people to the town of 300 residents during eight weekends each summer.