Colorado College Students Headed to Gulf Coast

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Cancun, Miami, Las Vegas... they're all spring break "hot spots," but this year many students are buying plane tickets to a less glamorous vacation destination: The Gulf Coast. Nearly 2 dozen Colorado College students will take off to "Ward 9," the most badly hit region of the Gulf Coast on Thursday. There, students will provide moral support to victims, but they say their most important job will be rolling up their sleeves and performing hours of hard physical labor.
"It's sort of idealistic to say they would benefit the most from our (moral) support," says trip co-leader Soly Long. "I think what they need the most is a house."
Some students say their reason for going isn't simply the huge tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina, but rather, what they call lack of interest from the government and general public just months after the disaster. Lack of interest doesn't seem to be an issue on the Colorado College campus. Trip Co-leader Garrett Meek says he feels lucky, but disappointed there wasn't enough room for everyone who wanted to go.
"When more people show interest then we can actually take-- that's a really good feeling."