Mailboxes Vandalized

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If you live in southwest Colorado Springs, your mail might be coming to a different spot than usual. More than a dozen mailboxes were damaged early this morning by vandals, and police don't have any suspects so far.

Ingabritt Dorame moved to Thames Drive in southwest Colorado Springs with her husband almost a year ago. She loves the area and was surprised to see her mailbox smashed this morning. "At first I thought, 'Do I have an enemy or something?' and they targeted my mailbox that way... But then my neighbor told me it happens sporadically every couple of years that they'll do this," said Dorame.

The vandals hit the mailboxes at random along Thames, Upland Drive, Old Stage Road, and Pine Road. Police were called to the scene at about 12:40 a-m. Although there are no official suspects, Dorame says her neighbor may have seen some suspicious activity. "He saw a white S.U.V. drive by and he heard it. So he came out and saw that mine was shattered." Dorame says she's not overly concerned about the incident. She just hopes it doesn't happen again. "You're just hoping it's a one-time thing. I mean, you know things happen."

If your mailbox was damaged in today's incident, you should call police
with your personal information and value of damage.