Student Slaying Update

Colorado Springs police say three men are in custody in connection with the 2001 slaying of a 19 year old University of Colorado at Colorado Springs freshman, who they allegedly thought may have been a drug informant.

Patricia Ann Elliott was found dead in the bathtub of her home in April 2001.

Court documents say that after police began reinterview people last year, one suspect, 25-year-old Benjamin David Gunvalsen, allegedly told them Elliott was hit in the head with a two- or five-pound dumbbell before the men took turns trying to strangle her.

Police say 29-year-old Ryan Krueger and Gunvalsen were arrested Friday in Colorado Springs.

Twenty-seven-year-old Christopher Allen was arrested in Nevada, where he faces extradition.

Allen and Gunvalsen were soldiers at Fort Carson in 2001.

Police say Krueger and Allen face first-degree murder charges, while Gunvalsen faces a charge of being an accessory to a crime.

Court documents indicate prosecutors agreed not to charge Gunvalsen with murder in exchange for his testimony.