Accused Cop Killer Jereme Lamberth Was in Court Monday.

Accused cop killer Jereme Lamberth was in court Monday.

He faces more than a dozen counts in two different cases...including first degree murder.

Lamberth is accused of gunning down Springs Detective Jared Jensen on February 22nd.

The District Attorney's office says they are considering capital punishment.

Lamberth is also facing an attempted murder charge. Police say he stabbed his sister, Melanie Schweinhardt.

In court, the defense spoke for about 45 minutes, going over a number of concerns.

They say...the treatment of Lamberth in unfair.

The public defenders claim the Sheriff's Deputies at the County jail are not allowing Lamberth confidential meetings with his lawyers.

Because of that concern...there will be a hearing to discuss lamberth's treatment in jail on March 27th.