Funeral Protest

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The group of protestors from Westburo Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas made a stop in Southern Colorado Saturday to protest the funeral of a fallen soldier.
The group says they protest because they feel soldiers deserve to die because they fight for a country that is tolerant of homosexuality.
However, the protest was met with resistance from the Patriot Gaurd Riders.
They decorated the grounds of the church where the service was to take place by lining the funeral home with 250 American Flags.
The Patriot Guard Riders is a national organization with over 16,000 members.
Gus Quist of the Patriot Riders understands that people have the right to assemble, but says this type of demonstration is hard to swallow.
"It's pretty disgusting to have someone do this at a funeral. He can pick other venues to go after. He does not need to show up here."
Some states have legislature that sets limitations and guidlines to how close protestors can get to funeral services, however Colorado is not one of them.
U.S. Senator Ken Salazar says such legislation may be something to look into.