Group Plans to Protest Soldier's Funeral

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A group well known for its anti-homosexual protests plans to demonstrate outside a Fort Carson soldier's funeral Saturday.

Sgt. Gordon Misner was killed in Iraq by a improved explosive device, or IED.

The group is called the Westboro Baptist Church. They believe U.S. soldiers deserve to die because they fight for a country that tolerates homosexuals.

The group travels across the country staging these protests. They claimed to have been to at least 100 funerals since last summer.

Many lawmakers are working to stop them. In Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Missouri and Indiana, laws restrict how close Fred Phelps, who is the leader, and his family can get to the funerals. About a dozen other states are considering similar laws.

Sen. Ken Salazar calls the protests despicable. He says he'll look into the possibility of a Federal Law.

Police say to expect some lane closures due to the protest Saturday morning near Fountain Blvd. and Union.

A group of veterans plan to also attend the funeral, blocking the family from seeing the Westboro Baptist Church.