Barton Sentenced

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Former U-S Forest Service worker Terry Lynn Barton has been given 12 years in state custody on charges she started the 138-thousand-acre Hayman wildfire last year.

The judge also said he would make no decision on ordering
restitution right now, but would allow those whose sustained
damages in the fire to submit suggestions and a hearing would be
held later. Authorities have estimated the damages from the fire at
nearly 30 million dollars.

Barton earlier was given six years in prison on federal charges
stemming from the blaze that destroyed 133 homes and one business
last spring and summer. It was the biggest wildfire in Colorado
history. The sentences are to run concurrently.

The 39-year-old Barton blotted her eyes with a tissue as
prosecutors showed a video and photographs of the destruction
caused by the blaze outside Denver last spring and summer.

Eight people hit by the wildfire testified in the hearing and
asked for a variety of punishments for Barton -- from community
service to paying 25 (M) million dollars in restitution.

Wallace White says Barton should remain behind bars until new
trees could replace the 220-year-old ones that were lost on his
land. Carolyn Green whose family lost a cabin asked that Barton be
banned from Colorado after her sentence.

Barton's daughters earlier had pleaded for no more time in jail, saying they couldn't bear to have their mother away for a longer