Students across the country and in Colorado skipped class Wednesday to protest possible U-S military action against Iraq.

The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition is coordinating
the "Books not Bombs'' protest nationwide.

Students from at least 17 high schools and colleges in Colorado
took part, including Palmer High School in Colorado Springs. Some students also participated in a pro-war protest.

One student protester at Legacy High School in Broomfield says
she doesn't care if she gets in trouble. She says she's doing what
she believes in and is willing to deal with the consequences.

Police ticketed some students for jaywalking.

About 300 students took part in protests at Fairview High School
in Boulder. Some were involved in pro-war demonstrations.

A few anti-war protesters tried to form a human chain across a
street when cars with pro-war banners drove past. But the event's
organizer stopped it.

No arrests have been reported.