Air Force Academy Investigation

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo Wednesday called for the removal of the top brass at the Air Force Academy, saying he has lost confidence in the academy's ability to fix the culture that has led to 25 rape allegations.

Tancredo sent a letter to Air Force Secretary James G. Roche and
also called for the court-martial of pilots and other servicemen in
the Air Force who attended the academy and are accused of rape.

Tancredo spokeswoman Lara Kennedy said his office opened an
investigation in early September after cadets began reporting

Colorado Senator Wayne Allard also has been involved in pursuing
the investigation -- saying 25 female cadets told his office they
were raped at the academy.

Some of the women said they were ostracized, punished for minor infractions or even forced to leave the academy if they reported the attacks to military authorities.

The Air Force says it is investigating.