Teacher Deploys To Iraq

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Imagine getting the call to serve overseas...and leaving your entire life behind. One local teacher is doing just that and pack his bags to head to Iraq.

For a year and a half, Mr. James Logan of West Middle School will trade in his grade book for an M-16. He says it’s hard to leave. “I came here thinking I was going to teach them and they taught me.” Mr. Logan teaches art to 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Tomorrow is his last day in the classroom before heading to combat. “The kids know me as a father figure and so does the army. I’m very protective.”

He hopes he’s made a difference in the kids’ lives in his short career as a teacher. West student CC Wells says he’s left an impression. “He has a big sense of humor,” she says. Fellow classmate Ellen Sanders agrees. “He’s an awesome teacher and I wish he would stay.”

By Friday night, Mr. Logan will transform into 1st SGT Logan. The students know at school, he is always a West Warrior. They pray as he’s in combat, he’ll continue that legacy.

The school says Mr. Logan will get his job back when he returns. At that point, he also plans to retire from the military.