Meth Bust Closes Elementary School in Manitou

Meth Lab

Manitou Springs Elementary closed Thursday after SWAT team members busted a meth lab right across the street from the school. The school district superintendent canceled school because of concerns about the dangerous chemicals used to cook meth.

At about 5:45 Thursday morning the El Paso County Swat Team, Metro Vice Narcotics Intelligence and Manitou Springs Police acted on a tip.
They say they found the lab in an apartment on Pawnee Avenue across from the school. On man, 39 year-old John Hagge, was taken into custody.

"Its really disturbing people would have that little respect for school and school grounds," said Roy Crawford, Manitou Springs School District 14 Superintendent.

Police say the apartment will now have to be cleaned up to Health Department standards before anyone can move into it.

Pawnee Avenue in Manitou Springs is back open and police believe the school should be open tomorrow.