Pothole Season

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Your commute to work may be slowed by more than just traffic these days. Colorado Springs city officials say potholes can be a major problem this time of year. The freeze-and-thaw cycle that comes with March snowstorms makes those potholes grow. City officials say the rapid growth of the city over the last 10 years is contributing to the problem as well.

Peg Richardson with the city maintenance department says pot-holes are distributed pretty evenly throughout the city... Although some areas are worse than others. "We do have some areas that are a little older. The west side, the downtown area here, the Divine Redeemer area in which we do have a tendency to have a few more," said Richardson.
She says april is when the city makes most of their pot-hole repairs.

You can report a problem area by calling the city's pot-hole hotline at 385-6808.