Bank Robbing Granny

Police in suburban Pittsburgh say a 74-year-old woman accused of robbing a bank contends she did it "to help people who are starving to death."

Her husband says she "flipped out" and did it to assist their son, who's in financial trouble.

Police in Baldwin PA say Marilyn Devine used an unloaded handgun in a five-thousand-dollar robbery of two tellers at a bank branch inside a supermarket.

She's being held in the Allegheny County Jail on charges including armed robbery, unable to post a $100,000 bond.

A former bank employee chased the woman's car until police took over and arrested her after a short, low-speed chase.

Her husband says he's paid off thousands of dollars worth of loans Devine took out to help their son.

Her lawyer calls it "a sad situation" and says she needs counseling.