Warm Weather Helps Construction

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Despite the fire danger, this warm weather has an upside. It’s giving COSMIX workers and others in construction, some quality time to get a lot done.

After the cold snap in February, construction workers are making up for lost time and keeping COSMIX right on schedule. In some parts, COSMIX is even getting a little ahead in the Rockrimmon/Nevada area. “We’re ahead of schedule finishing up a frontage road earlier than expected,” Bill Badger, COSMIX spokesperson said. The frontage road was supposed to be complete in the fall, but now it could be done by summer. “The weather has helped out by being so nice.”

In the Black Forest area, homebuilders were busy at work doing excavation, work that was supposed to be done two weeks ago. “They say if you build homes in Colorado, you can build them anywhere. We’re always anticipating changes in the weather,” Bradley Ausmus of Bradley Homes said. Other construction workers live for this weather. “We love it. Come summer time, we really love it,” Scott Renfro said.

Whatever this warm spell brings, the men in hard hats will take it, knowing their work depends on how the sun sets.

This balmy weather right now will also help in the future since March and April are the snowiest months for us, which means construction could get delayed.